The AskMen FAQ

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About /r/AskMen

Do you allow both men and women to answer questions? Why?

How do I change my flair?

2016 Demographic survey

Penis stuff

What are your thoughts on circumcision?

Does having a small penis ruin my chances with women? (From /r/sex)

Dating stuff

Are guys really that dense about the hints I'm dropping?

Can a guy really be friends with a woman?

How do you deal with people flirting with your SO?


How do I initiate sex with my guy?

Why do men masturbate or watch porn when they are in a relationship?

How do I put on a condom? NSFW VIDEO

Why can't my male partner finish from sex? (From /r/sex)

What can I do to prevent premature ejaculation? (From /r/sex)

How can I tell if I have a STI/STD? What do I do? (From /r/sex)

How can I handle issues with maintaining an erection? (From /r/sex)

What should I know before I have sex for the first time? (From /r/sex)

Updated general threads

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